Hotel Horloge Gourmande : Sightseeing near Montelimar, Pierrelatte (26 - Drôme)
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Lieux touristiques

City Donzère (26290 - Drôme)

City Donzère (26290 - Drôme) Our GREAT adventure begins here, come and see us!
Halfway between Lyons, Montpellier and Marseille, the town of Donzère enjoys a lovely natural setting.
Visit the town hall, 19th century wash house and its renaissance style houses. The wind turbines mark the DOORS TO PROVENCE.

Donzère City
Grande rue
BP 27

04 75 49 70 30

Crocodile Farm (26700 Pierrelatte - Drôme)

Crocodile Farm (26700 Pierrelatte - Drôme) At the cro-co-co-the crocodiles…

Surrounded by all the riches of Provence,
Conveniently located near the mountains and the sea,
A welcoming city with many shops, and known for its CROCODILE FARM.

Crocodile Farm
Les Blachettes
26700 Pierrelatte
04 75 04 33 73

Village Saint-Montan (07220 - Ardèche)

Village Saint-Montan (07220 - Ardèche) Our first visit upon arriving in the region.

Saint Montan is a medieval site in Ardèche with a very large fortified town, three Romanesque churches, two chapels, a priory and a huge fortress reported to be impregnable.

A small and sunny village, Saint Montan marks the beginning of a beautiful route through the mountains and along the gorges of the Ardèche.

Saint Montan City Hall
Place du Poussiac
07220 Saint-Montan

04 75 52 62 09

Grignan city (26230 - Drôme)

Grignan city (26230 - Drôme) We haven’t yet visited the castle, but we’ll be seeing it soon.

Just around the bend, A charming and authentic Provencal village, surrounded by vineyards. Grignan boasts the splendid castle of Madame de Sévigné (though it actually belonged to her daughter, the Countess of Grignan) and a Renaissance collegiate church, where the divine marquise lies.

From the castle’s terrace, visitors can marvel at Grignan’s beautiful scenery, punctuated by vineyards, lavender, truffle groves and vast woodlands.

Grignan City Hall
Place Sévigné - BP 18

04 75 46 50 06

La Garde Adhemar (26700 - Drôme)

La Garde Adhemar (26700 - Drôme) One of our personal favorites!

La Garde Adhémar is a discreetly charming hilltop village overlooking the Rhone Valley. A remarkable viewpoint awaits you from its small, timeless church. Time “stands still” in the village square.

La Garde Adhémar is an ideal place to get a view of the entire western part of the Tricastin area: at the foot of the hill, the plain of Pierrelatte with its ancient Roman road, the Donzère-Mondragon canal, and the southern motorway.

La Garde Adhemar City Hall
Le Village
Rue du Marquis de la Baume
26700 La Garde Adhémar

04 75 04 41 09

Saint Paul Les Trois Châteaux city (26130 - Drôme)

Saint Paul Les Trois Châteaux city (26130 - Drôme) Here I like the shops without big names

Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateaux located in Drome cultivates the image of a small Provencal village peaceful life, tied to his heritage (old cathedral, medieval walls, stone of the south, vineyards, olive trees and truffles).

Its very nice Tuesday morning market, shops, a typical Provencal animates the streets, courtyards and squares where fountains gush of refreshing.

Note the passage of the Tour de France in the summer of 2011.

Saint Paul Les Trois Châteaux City Hall
Place Castellane
26130 Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux

04 75 96 78 78

Montélimar city (26200 - Drôme)

Montélimar city (26200 - Drôme) Stop in at the tourist office where you’ll be greeted by its smiling staff…

A lively and welcoming city, Montélimar has a rich history and culture. Close to the Ardèche, but still in the Rhone valley, it’s considered the gateway to the South.

Stroll through the downtown and taste some of their famous nougat. Have a drink along one of its Provencal tree-lined streets.

Montélimar City Hall
BP 279
26216 Montélimar cedex

04 75 00 25 00

Gorges de l’Ardèche (07150 - Ardèche)

Gorges de l’Ardèche (07150 - Ardèche) A favorite hike for lifting our spirits…

Leave Donzère for Saint Montan in late morning for a steep ascent followed by a pause at the Church of Larnas. We buy honey in Saint Remèze and stop for lunch in Vallon Pont d’Arc.

We continue on to Saint Martin d’Ardèche, stopping in the village of Aiguèze. Descending the gorges in a canoe offers beautiful swimming areas and breathtaking views.

Vallon Pont D'Arc Tourist Office
Le Village

04 75 88 04 01

490 Rue de l'enclos
26290 Donzère
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